Casa 0101 Hosts Homeboy Industries’ Youth Summer Arts Showcase

Casa 0101 hosted the final showcase performance of Homeboy Industries’ 6-week Youth Summer Arts Program. 

Friday, August 6, 2021. Participants learned the fundamentals of many arts disciplines including: video and photography, poetry/spoken word, music and theater. Additionally, programming was increased this year to include entrepreneurship and technology. The youth shared their stories, artwork, poetry and more, many for the first time, to an invited audience of family and friends.  Casa 0101 was proud to be among the partner organizations for the second year in a row, offering theater classes led by instructors Raquel Salinas and Maia Villa. “I want to thank the youth for trusting us with their stories. Sometimes it’s hard to share something very personal if you don’t trust people. One of my objectives in the beginning with all of those games, was getting them to a place of trust, to share their story.” – Raquel Salinas