Summer Youth On-Camera Production Class Wraps Up Filming

Casa 0101’s summer youth program returned in-person with an On-Camera Production class.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021. Filming has concluded for our summer Youth On-Camera Production class, which transformed Casa 0101 Theater into a futuristic film set. This ten-week class gave students, ages 7 to 18 years old, the experience of what it’s like to work in a professional film production environment, not only as performers  but as crew remembers working behind the scenes.

Students learned on-set protocols, working with the camera, interacting with the crew, and improvising in front of a blue-screen. “This is my first production at Casa. First time ever doing anything like this. It’s been really cool and I’ve also really liked the dancing part of it and saying the lines because you can express yourself more and I got to work on that. Here, I don’t feel any judgment.” Adriana Perez, 15.

“This is my first project and it’s been an adventure. Everything from lines, reacting to partners and meeting cool people. It’s a big step and what I really wanted to learn from Casa. So thank you!” Bryan Vasquez, 17.

Set in the year 3050 P.P (Post Pandemic) and with a cast of 30 students, The Train follows the story of a group of kids who were forced to leave an uninhabitable earth and lead a new life aboard a train in space, alone…or at least that’s what they all thought.

The Train was inspired by the stories from our youth creative writing class and was written by Bryson Chun, Yelyna De León, Jaime Mayorquin and Rosa Navarrete. This production was also led by industry professionals like Eddie Padilla, Yelyna De León, Laurie Muniz, Rosa Navarrete, Fabrizio Guido and Vanessa Vasquez. Covid protocols were followed to ensure the safety of everyone on set. 

The Train is now in post-production and will premiere at Casa 0101 and online in the fall.

This production was made possible with funds from the Dwight Stuart Youth Fund, LA City Councilmember Kevin de Leon, Bank of America, SoCal Gas, University of Southern California and the Cordoba Corporation.