Summer Youth On-Camera Production Class premieres Film at the Chinese Theater

Casa 0101’s summer youth program premiered their film, The Train, on the big screen.

On Saturday November 20th, The Train, a short film developed from stories written by Casa
0101 youth in partnership with Casa 0101 volunteers and entertainment professionals, was
presented at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood as part of the official selection of the LA Skins
Film Festival.

This project was the culmination of Casa 0101 writing, acting, and dance programs that began
in the winter of 2021, and included an intensive summer on-camera production process that
incorporated several disciplines. Show Runner/Writer/Director, Yelyna De Leon led a team of writers, directors, and editors in a high-quality production. Set in the year 3050 PP (post pandemic) a group of children on an interstellar train, powered only by their dancing and positive energy, are looking for their parents. The youth band together when one of their friends, The Little One, mysteriously disappears from the train.

 “This is the best day of my life. You get to be in a theater, in a movie, that is being shown on the big screen. It’s amazing!” Hazel Ramos, 11. After seeing themselves on the big screen inside the legendary Chinese theater, the youth got to go on the red carpet and were invited on stage to speak about their experience. A memorable experience they and their parents will not soon forget…